Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing : Which one to choose?

Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing : Which one to choose ?

If you are going to ask me the infamous Google AdSense v/s Affiliate Marketing question, Ask yourself if you are a service minded person who likes average payouts at end of the month or you have a hard head of an entrepreneur who chooses risk and adventure over security and safety?

In this post, we will discuss the trade-offs of two and you can then decide which of the two works better for you: Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing!

Talking about my strategy, I used Google AdSense primarily for a very long time. Why? Because I was under the impression that Google likes to monopolise the space it is at and using affiliate marketing could risk my AdSense account. This is a common misconception and Google is definitely not against it. I have been using Google AdSense + Infolinks + Affiliate marketing.

Google Ad Sense or Affiliate Marketing
  • 1. Affiliate marketing programs would approve your account more easily than Google Adsense. Go start with affiliate marketing already if you are starting to blog or have a new website.
  • 2. Affiliate marketing would pay you per sale and not for the impressions which means that you get nothing if users do not make a purchase. That’s sad! OfCourse people don’t go around clicking on links and making online purchases but here’s the good thing, if you referred a customer to a particular website through your affiliate link, the websites would track it for like 90 days(depending on terms and conditions) and you get your payouts if the user makes the purchase in that time.
  • 3. You have full control over what ads your website will show with affiliate marketing which is not the case with Google AdSense.
  • 4. Affiliate Marketing ads are more relevant and targeted (of course you maintain that yourself) and that is not the case with Google AdSense.
  • 5. With Google Adsense, you have all your reports and earnings in one place but affiliate networks are usually scattered and are owned by small and large companies themselves (Though Commission
  • 6. Adsense Income depends a lot on where your traffic is coming from. Yes, Adsense is a little racist in that context :p. The payouts are better if your traffic is from US/UK instead of developing countries.

So, Did I make my point clear? Yes, Affiliate marketing is better than Google Adsense. You get value for your time but to keep your monthly inflow of cash going, it makes sense to use AdSense. What you can actually do is reserve the more prominently visible spots for affiliate banners and use the rest for Google Adsense.

Bonus Tip: Higher number of Ads from Google Adsense does not mean more money. It’s better to have 2 ads from domains that pay better on your website than having 4 that take more space and pay less.You’ve got limited space, remember?


To me, after Google Adsense, Infolinks has proved to be a pretty reliable source of regular income.

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