How to download Coda free for MAC ( Lifetime access)

Coda is hands-down the best text editor for MAC. I moved to MAC from Ubuntu and although I usually use Webstorm for code editing, I needed a light-weight text-editor for quick file editing.Surprisingly, Notepad++ is not an option on MAC and I was not so happy with TextEdit so I decided, Coda it is. I am sharing a copy of installer which you can use to download Coda free for MAC and have lifetime access to Coda version 2.5 for FREE.


1. You can download Coda 2.5 from this Google Drive Link. It’s a 98MB file so download should completely within a few seconds.

2. Double click on downloaded file and archive utility on Mac will extract Code 2.5 and save it to the folder you are currently in.

3. If you will double-click on the extracted file (installer), It will show you a message that looks like this:

coda message 1

What you will instead need to do is -> Right click on File and select Open! Now you will see a message that says:
coda message 2

4. Hit on the Open button

You now have access to the full version of Coda 2.5 for FREE. I hope it helped 🙂 🙂

If you are a programmer or a web developer and interested in getting Webstorm full version for FREE, Please follow steps I have shared in this post.

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